And all at once my Luchino obsession comes rushing back.

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出ないけど | エナミカツミ [pixiv] 

Luchino B. Campanella is very important.

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Sketchish Maria in pretty red dress.
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But it’s really, REALLY hard to draw happy Huey.

Thought I put in something for the special feelings meme. Happy Valentines day everyone~~~

成田良悟作品ログ by めばる - pixiv

scene from baccano! 1710:Crack Flag, for airi ban
Monica walked through the Lotto Valentino market place as she took the arm of the young man walking beside her. “…Hey. It’s hard to walk like this.” “Don’t worry, Huey! I’ll catch you if you think you’re going to fall over!” “Do you even know how ridiculous you sound right now?” Huey mumbled in an annoyed tone, but he did not try to shake her off. In fact, he blushed and looked towards the sea as if in an attempt to conceal his embarrassment.